Tutorial: DIY Houndstooth Wall Decal

I have a confession. I think I may be a hoarder. Two years ago, I wrote about the lovely sushi takeout boxes from Maki-san. I've been collecting them since; they're so cute, I was 101% sure I'll use it for a project someday. True enough, a few months later, I posted the DIY die tutorial, where... Continue Reading →

Napkin Holder from Toilet Roll

Not sure how this will look like as I'm posting this from my phone. Now that I don't have a laptop (see previous post), I don't have an excuse to not make stuff anymore. Here's something that I made this evening: The "flower" is pre-made. That's one of my old earrings, can't find the other... Continue Reading →

Toilet Paper Roll Turned Ribbon Organizer

Surely I'm not the only one who keeps the ribbons from presents. Anyone else who does this would know that keeping them organized is a piece of work. I remember having a box full of rolled up ribbons, neatly arranged by color and width... until I pull one out to use it, another spool of... Continue Reading →

How to Reduce Plastic Bag Use in Relief Goods Distribution

Relief operations are ongoing throughout the world in response to the recent super typhoon Yolanda (international codename: Haiyan), which claimed thousands of lives and destroyed millions of dollars worth of property in the Philippines. With every relief operation comes the need for plastic bags to store the goods. In order to reduce plastic waste, here's... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions: DIY Die

You know those times when you want to make something but you're not sure WHAT exactly? Or when you do your spring cleaning and you suddenly realize how much raw materials you have (card stock, beads, ribbons, etc.)? And you're like, "How the hell did I acquire so much stuff?" Yeah, you know what I'm... Continue Reading →

4th of July Deconstructed Shirt

I took up pole dancing a few months ago as an alternative form of exercise. And this week is Performance Week, when we invite our friends and/or significant other (or others, depending on how you roll) and show them what we've learned the past seven weeks. Family members are invited too... but don't you think... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Cassettes!

Can't part with your old cassette tapes? Keep the music alive and slap them on to a frame around a mirror or your favorite band poster!

Frame your own artwork / magazine clipping / ANYTHING!

Anything flat, that is. Let's change things up a bit and make something quick and easy. Materials: - A picture frame (obviously has to be bigger than your artwork) - A sheet of paper / card stock, the same size as the frame. You can use the one that goes with the frame, if it... Continue Reading →

Something Old to Something New

Too many old shirts and not enough dough to go on a shopping spree? Sounds familiar. Update your wardrobe without having to shell out. Transform old clothing by adding embellishments, cutting sleeves, sewing on beads and patches, or silkscreen your own designs!   To make cut-off tank tops, literally cut off the sleeves and the... Continue Reading →

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