Stumbled upon this interesting sculpture outside Sungei Wang. Innovative use of Q-tips, plastic spoons and cups. Not exactly sure what it is though...

Big Ideas at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire

A little late to the party, but hey, better late than never. So last week I was at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire, the city-state's second year to host a Maker Faire. I didn't get to attend the first one as I only heard about it after the event finished (fail). From what I've read,... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Cassettes!

Can't part with your old cassette tapes? Keep the music alive and slap them on to a frame around a mirror or your favorite band poster!

High Five for Henna!

Adorable Boyfriend and I went to Little India for our first anniversary. And just for the heck of it, I had an elaborate henna tattoo done on my right hand. The young lady who drew it was really talented! Quick yet steady. Image on the lower left was taken right after she finished. It took... Continue Reading →

Adobe Creative Cloud Launch

Adding some "luck" factor to this blog, I received an invite to attend the Adobe Create Now Tour in Singapore. On 26th March, hundreds of designers, photographers, videographers, basically those in the creative industries / roles, gathered at the Ritz Carlton-Millenia Grand Ballroom for the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud. The half-day event kicked off... Continue Reading →

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