Tutorial: DIY Houndstooth Wall Decal

I have a confession. I think I may be a hoarder. Two years ago, I wrote about the lovely sushi takeout boxes from Maki-san. I've been collecting them since; they're so cute, I was 101% sure I'll use it for a project someday. True enough, a few months later, I posted the DIY die tutorial, where... Continue Reading →

It’s International Dog Day! Time for some canine crafts!

It's International Dog Day! Celebrate with these fun and creative projects for man's best friend. 1. Get Spot to snooze in style with this vintage suitcase pet bed by upcycling an old suitcase. 2. What catwalk? They should call it a dogwalk! Here's a pattern to make clothes for your pet. 3. If you have a big dog... Continue Reading →

Napkin Holder from Toilet Roll

Not sure how this will look like as I'm posting this from my phone. Now that I don't have a laptop (see previous post), I don't have an excuse to not make stuff anymore. Here's something that I made this evening: The "flower" is pre-made. That's one of my old earrings, can't find the other... Continue Reading →

Clear Frame Photo Collage

It's The Adorable Boyfriend's birthday! I love that he encourages me to be creative and even looks out for stuff to put on my blog. Forget store-bought stuff! For his birthday, I made him something to remember "us" by -- a photo collage of our travels! Materials: Square photo frame (I got a clear one... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Cassettes!

Can't part with your old cassette tapes? Keep the music alive and slap them on to a frame around a mirror or your favorite band poster!

Frame your own artwork / magazine clipping / ANYTHING!

Anything flat, that is. Let's change things up a bit and make something quick and easy. Materials: - A picture frame (obviously has to be bigger than your artwork) - A sheet of paper / card stock, the same size as the frame. You can use the one that goes with the frame, if it... Continue Reading →

How to Preserve Roses

A little late to the party, but here goes. Like the adorable guy that he is, The Boyfriend gave me a bouquet of roses for Valentines Day. I know I will always remember the way he stood at the train station in his black shirt, waiting for me with the bouquet in hand. But a... Continue Reading →

DIY French Memory Board

The fun thing about having random stuff lying around the house is there's always something that new that you can do with it. I made this French memory board from mostly old materials. Other materials needed: Fabric Fabric scissors / shears Glue gun Glue sticks Staple gun Staple wires Buttons (optional) Step 1: Cut the... Continue Reading →

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