It’s International Dog Day! Time for some canine crafts!

It's International Dog Day! Celebrate with these fun and creative projects for man's best friend. 1. Get Spot to snooze in style with this vintage suitcase pet bed by upcycling an old suitcase. 2. What catwalk? They should call it a dogwalk! Here's a pattern to make clothes for your pet. 3. If you have a big dog... Continue Reading →

Almost No-Sew Scarf from an Old Shirt (Almost!)

I decided to have a crack at those old-shirt-to-scarf projects on Pinterest. Here’s the result: Inspiration/guide used: Jessica Schlote on Pinterest Ah, the wonky shirt. Everybody has at least one of ­these, the kind that twists a bit after a few trips to the washing machine. Sure, I won’t wear it anymore, but I’ve kept... Continue Reading →

4th of July Deconstructed Shirt

I took up pole dancing a few months ago as an alternative form of exercise. And this week is Performance Week, when we invite our friends and/or significant other (or others, depending on how you roll) and show them what we've learned the past seven weeks. Family members are invited too... but don't you think... Continue Reading →

Something Old to Something New

Too many old shirts and not enough dough to go on a shopping spree? Sounds familiar. Update your wardrobe without having to shell out. Transform old clothing by adding embellishments, cutting sleeves, sewing on beads and patches, or silkscreen your own designs!   To make cut-off tank tops, literally cut off the sleeves and the... Continue Reading →

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