What the cuff?! A DIY fabric cuff bracelet tutorial

Got a spare piece of fabric? Don't let it go to waste and make cuff bracelets instead!

Shoelace Bracelet

Here's a bit of a throwback -- weaving ribbons, but in this case, shoelaces.     Step 1: Fold the shoelaces together 3 to 5 inches from the aglet (the end of a shoelace). That extra bit is what you'll use to tie the bracelet together.   Step 2: Insert Loop A (striped lace) in... Continue Reading →

Almost No-Sew Scarf from an Old Shirt (Almost!)

I decided to have a crack at those old-shirt-to-scarf projects on Pinterest. Here’s the result: Inspiration/guide used: Jessica Schlote on Pinterest Ah, the wonky shirt. Everybody has at least one of ­these, the kind that twists a bit after a few trips to the washing machine. Sure, I won’t wear it anymore, but I’ve kept... Continue Reading →

Shrinky Dinks: Plastic Makes Perfect

I've honestly never heard of shrinky dinks until the one of my good friends took me to EatPlayLove Cafe in Kampong Glam. He asked me if I want to check out a cafe where you can make crafts while you eat. Come on. Crafts AND food?? He didn't have to ask!    Walking into EatPlayLove... Continue Reading →

Captain Banana: From Postcard to Soft Toy

The Adorable Boyfriend got me a Monkey Design "cloth postcard" from his recent trip to Taiwan. For those of you who haven't heard of this before (like me), a cloth postcard looks like an ordinary postcard. You cut out the pieces and MAKE it. *craftgasm* (stuffing sold separately) Step 1: Peel off the piece of... Continue Reading →

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