My flatmates got this massive red piece of cloth to DIY a massive flag for a football match. After the game, it was bound to reside in the darkest depths of our storage room, so why let a good piece of fabric go to waste?


  • Old handkerchief or any piece of cloth big enough to wrap around your wrist
  • Trimmings (Depends on what design you want. Mine’s a button and a strip of ribbon.)
  • Hot glue/fabric glue
  • Sewing stuff

Step 1: Measure your wrist. Add half an inch to that number; this will be the length of your cuff. Width is entirely up to you. Cut a piece of soft cardboard with these measurements, which will act as structure for your cuff.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cloth that’s about half an inch bigger than the cardboard strip on all sides. We’ll call this the base cloth.

Step 3: Before you glue or sew anything, plan how you want your design to look. Make sure you add a string or a ribbon longer than the cardboard strip so you can tie it into a knot to wear it. Six inches should be enough to make a nice little bow. Mine’s just a plain one with a string and a button but feel free to plonk on lace, ribbons, other layers of fabric, etc.


Step 4: Wrap the cardboard strip with the base cloth cloth and secure with hot glue or fabric glue.


Step 5: Attach the rest.


Step 6: Wait for the glue to dry, slap it on your wrist, and head out the door!


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