2015. What. A. Year. If I had to describe it in four words, it would be “glass case of emotions”. The past year had seen visa application jitters, the torment of being away from my newly wedded husband, quitting my job, saying goodbye to everything I know, moving halfway across the world, feeling cold like I’ve never experienced before, and trying to see if entrepreneurship is for me (it’s not, but whatever).

Yet here we are, well into 2016 and sitting pretty. We’ve made it! Again! So let’s have a look back and see what we’ve conquered the past year.

My most popular post for 2015, by far, was the Modular Origami Crane Ball Tutorial. Not surprising as my modular origami posts have always been the most viewed ones in this blog, thanks to Tektonten Papercraft, Origami Resource Center, PaperCraftSquare, and Solve My Maths.

Origami Crane Ball FINAL

Second spot goes to… *gasp* the origami crane tutorial! Can’t really make a crane ball without having to learn how to make a crane, right?


And lastly, the tutorial on handmade stamps using lino or rubber carving blocks.

Stamp - Final

‘Twas definitely a year of learning new things. I hope I will be able to invest more time in this blog this new year. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂