Tutorial: DIY Houndstooth Wall Decal

I have a confession. I think I may be a hoarder.

Two years ago, I wrote about the lovely sushi takeout boxes from Maki-san. I’ve been collecting them since; they’re so cute, I was 101% sure I’ll use it for a project someday. True enough, a few months later, I posted the DIY die tutorial, where I used a bit of the boxes to turn a plain wood block into a nice little craft die.

If you look at my track record of posts, well, let’s just say I’m eating more sushi than I’m making stuff with their boxes. Then one day, I said to myself, “Welp. I have way too many boxes, I could be a Maki-san endorser.” So… I decided to use them all.

Before: a bare wall (I just moved when I took this photo hence the mess), After: houndstooth decals!

Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal  IMG_4481

If you want to make something similar, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lots of sushi boxes. I’m kidding. You can make this with anything that has a nice print but sturdy like card stock. Old book covers? Magazine pages pasted on card stock? Printed card stock? Your call.
  • Scissors
  • Blu-tac or double-sided tape
  • Optional: El cheapo frame for centerpiece

Step 1: Cut houndstooth pieces. All pieces must be of the same size! I made mine about 5″ wide.

Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal

Optional: Get your el cheapo frame. Mine’s so el cheapo, it was actually the box of the mirror I bought. I kid you not. #hoarderalert

Instead of having just kraft paper as background, I put a sheet of printed paper as background. Glue your houndstooth pieces in a line, like the image on the lower right.

Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal  Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal

When you encounter the edge of the frame, snip off the affected bit of the houndstooth piece and set aside. You’ll need it when you start sticking the rest of the pieces on the wall. If you look at the image on the lower right, I simply aligned it with the pieces inside the frame.

Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal  Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal

Step 2: Figure out how you want your design to look. I made the mistake of sticking the frame first then randomly stick the rest of the pieces from there. I ended up redoing it twice before I settled with the swirl. You can just imagine how frustrating it is to remove and rearrange them one by one.

Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal
I mean, what’s this even supposed to be? Looks like some sort of 90s video game alien.
Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal
Eh. Nope.
Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal
Still not perfect but defo much better than the first two. I need to eat more sushi.

  Tutorial: DIY Wall Decal

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