The best things in life are free: InDesign workshop by

15-01 InDesign WorkshopEarlier this week, I stumbled upon this event on Peatix: InDesign Hacks and Variable Data. Since I had nothing else going on and it was free (!), I decided to sign up. A week later I find myself in a meeting room in Fuji Xerox Towers filled with Adobe enthusiasts of all ages and professions.

It was about a 2-hour long session but packed with good stuff that I didn’t even know existed in InDesign. It was all about how you can work faster and save time. Gone are the days when you copy then paste an object 99 times when you want a hundred of that object! Ever had continuous text on multiple frames but want to “break” their connection without having to highlight the text from the first frame, cut, then copy on the second frame? Also, who knew you can do data merge from a CSV file to InDesign? Not me!

I won’t put the hacks in here as they’re owned by the speakers. But if you’d like to learn InDesign tips and tricks, you can check out the Singapore InDesign User Group website and/or join their Facebook group to keep yourself up to date on future events.

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