New year, new craft opportunities.

I may not have been able to upload a lot of things this year, what with my laptop breaking down and me getting engaged, but here’s a look back on the year that was.

Taking the top post of 2014 is the Shoelace Bracelet. Not too long after I posted this, I saw shoelace bracelets (not weaved though) being sold in one of those “box stores” for about $30 each. Crazy.

Coming in on second was the Almost No-Sew Scarf from an Old Shirt. If you have old shirts that have gone weird from too much washing, warm your necks and turn them into scarves!

The third one is close to my heart. The Themed Gift Box was my present to the then-Adorable Boyfriend for our second anniversary. I put compartments in a box, each filled with items of a specific theme. It also included hand-drawn tags with the name of each theme.

There you have it! Now that my life’s starting to mellow down from the excitement that was marriage, here’s to more arts and crafts for this coming year! Now that I have a rubber stamp carving set, expect to see more posts about this in the future.

Rubber stamp carving set
Christmas present from the Adorable Husband! You should’ve seen my face when I unwrapped it!