So I attended a screen printing workshop

To my two readers who are wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, no, I’m still here.

So I recently got married (yay!), which is another reason why I was on hiatus. I actually got my laptop fixed weeks after I announced my craft break (burnt a hole in my pocket in the process), but I got too preoccupied with work and wedding planning that I didn’t have time to post stuff anymore. (Watch out for the DIY Wedding post!)

RoomHowever, despite our busy schedules, we (Adorable Boyfriend, now Adorable Husband) managed to sneak a weekend of crafts and signed up for the screen-printing workshop by Do Or Die Trying (DODT) and Naiise. I just thought it’s something we could do together and, also, we definitely needed the break. Wedding planning is an emotional roller coaster.

I sort of knew what to expect, since I’ve done screen-printing before (stencil method though, not the emulsion method). I was hoping to learn the emulsion method but, unfortunately, the workshop only included the exciting part – the printing. Since the emulsion bit takes a while (hours), the guys from DODT already had the stencils prepared. All we had to do was add paint to print.

The same principles still apply as you would with the green film stencil screen print.

Add paint AROUND the image but remember not to put too much paint.

Screenprint 1

When you’re ready to print, ask a friend to press the frame firmly. If you have no friends, use one hand to press the frame then the other to do the flat coating. 🙂 Practice on paper first before you print on your final material, may it be shirt, tote bag or a piece of canvas.

For multiple colors, put tape on the parts you don’t want to add color to. The tape should be on the other side of the screen, not the side where you add paint. Make sure you clean the screen and squeegee with tissue before you proceed with the next color to avoid color mixing. Move/remove the tape as necessary.

If you notice the deer below, the one on the right was actually a result of (accidental) color mixing. I obviously guess I didn’t clean the screen very well, but it didn’t end up too bad, to be honest, so that’s okay.

 Screenprint 2  Screenprint 3

On the other hand, here’s the result of intentional color mixing:

Screenprint 4  Screenprint 5

Rad! Will definitely have a go at this again in this future.

Make sure you check out Naiise and DODT for more cool stuff/workshops!

Here’s a video I found on YouTube on the emulsion process, in case you’re interested.

(Note: Templates and drawings are owned by DODT.)

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