Shoelace Bracelet

Here’s a bit of a throwback — weaving ribbons, but in this case, shoelaces.




Step 1: Fold the shoelaces together 3 to 5 inches from the aglet (the end of a shoelace). That extra bit is what you’ll use to tie the bracelet together.



Step 2: Insert Loop A (striped lace) in Loop B (plain lace).



Step 3: Make a loop with the plain lace by folding from about two inches down. Insert this in the striped loop.



Step 4: Secure and tighten by pulling the striped lace down.



Step 5: Make a loop with striped lace and insert into the plain lace loop. Keep weaving until you get to the desired length.



Step 6: Once you get to the length you want, secure the bracelet by inserting from the aglet instead of a loop. You only have to do this once (because there’s no loop to insert to for the other lace anymore). Make sure you still have a few extra inches of string at the end.



Step 7: Tie the ends together and you have a bracelet!



The shoelaces I used were a bit too long for my wrist. I got a 47-inch (about 120cm) pair and still have about 8 to 10 inches extra at the end.


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