Themed Gift Box

The Adorable Boyfriend and I recently celebrated our second anniversary.

One of the things that I like about him is that we share a knack for making stuff. Any occasion that entails gift-giving e.g. Christmas/birthdays, almost always involves something handmade (see photo collage I made for his birthday). In the past, he has given me a jigsaw puzzle, a popup card, a wire ring, and much more.

For our second year together, I gave him a gift box divided into four compartments, each with a different theme – My Cup of Tea, My Highlight of the Day, Stuck on You, and Sweet Like Candy. I think you all know where this is going.

Anniv-Gift-8  Anniv-Gift-6

Anniv-Gift-5  Anniv-Gift-7


My Cup of Tea – Heavenly Les Classiques tea from Betjeman & Barton

My Highlight of the Day – Highlighters. Teachers love highlighters. This was supposed to be “The Highlight of My Day”, but I think I zoned out while inking and swapped the words. But hey, it still works, right?

Stuck on You – Things that stick, also featuring his favorite superglue, UHU. I didn’t show it properly but the paperclip box was actually handmade. The superglue cap, gluestick body and paperclip box were wrapped with an adhesive fabric from Studio Calico to have some sort of theme going on.

Sweet Like Candy – Because if there’s anything he loves more than me, it’s chocolate. And probably boardgames.


I’ve actually had this idea for a while, hence the Spiral Tag post more than a month ago. The tags were all hand-drawn using only a standard pencil, a ruler and a Sharpie. I got the blank tags from a local dollar store.

Anniv-Gift-1  Anniv-Gift-2


The stuff inside is just icing on the cake. The real present here is the box (and well, the tags, because I painstakingly made them). I could’ve made six or eight themes, but the compartments were actually measured to store his prototype card games.


If you’re planning to make something similar, you can go for other themes like:

Apple of My Eye – Anything apple flavored? Or an Apple product, if you’re feeling fancy.

Just My Type – A typewriter shaped notepad. A blood bag shaped drink. A monogram stamp?

I’m Nuts About You – Nuts. Just nuts.

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