Almost No-Sew Scarf from an Old Shirt (Almost!)

I decided to have a crack at those old-shirt-to-scarf projects on Pinterest. Here’s the result:

Inspiration/guide used: Jessica Schlote on Pinterest

Ah, the wonky shirt. Everybody has at least one of ­these, the kind that twists a bit after a few trips to the washing machine. Sure, I won’t wear it anymore, but I’ve kept it all these months (more than a year, really) because I KNOW I’m bound to make something out of it.

Shirt to Scarf 1

And that something is a scarf! (Even if I live in a country where it’s summer all year round…)

Step 1: Cut the shirt from the underarm. Cutting the bottom part is optional.

Shirt to Scarf 2

Step 2: Make fringes at the bottom about 1cm wide. Length is up to you. Mine’s about 5cm.

Shirt to Scarf 3

Step 3: Pull the strips to curl them and make them more “string-y”.

Shirt to Scarf 4

You could end here. Or make fringes on the other side and create a stringy scarf.

Or have a twisty neckline:

Step 4: Fold the top portion outward and cut fringes – about 2cm long and 1cm wide. Be careful not to cut through the hem.

Shirt to Scarf 5

Step 5: Unfold the flap. Pull the first string (String 1) down over the one below it (String 2). Pull String 2 from the hole that String 1 made and pull down over String 3. Pull String 3 from the hole that String 2 made and pull down over String 4. You get the idea. If this is unclear, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Shirt to Scarf 6  Shirt to Scarf 7  Shirt to Scarf 8

Step 6: It should look like when you’re done with the string over.

Shirt to Scarf 9

This is where the sewing part comes in. Just sew that loop together with the last string.

If you want completely no-sew…

IMPORTANT: I cannot guarantee that it won’t come undone when you wash the no-sew version. I highly recommend sewing it to secure it, just to be sure.

Step 7: Snip the last loop in half and move one half to the other side of the last string, so you can tie around it.

Notice that in the previous step, the entire loop was inside the last string. After I snipped it apart, I moved the right half outside the last string.

Shirt to Scarf 9  Shirt to Scarf 10

Step 8: Tie them twice around the last string. (It’s not too visible in the photo, but I assure you there’s a knot there. Heh heh)

Shirt to Scarf 11

Rockin’ a scarf in the tropics! (You can string wooden beads at the ends… but it might look a bit too “court jesterly”.)

Shirt to Scarf Final

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