Clear Frame Photo Collage

It’s The Adorable Boyfriend’s birthday!

I love that he encourages me to be creative and even looks out for stuff to put on my blog. Forget store-bought stuff! For his birthday, I made him something to remember “us” by — a photo collage of our travels!


  • Square photo frame (I got a clear one from Muji, but you can totally use a different frame for this project)
  • Card stock
  • Photos
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pen knife


  • Alphabet stickers (Can be replaced with rub-on letterings or rubber stamps. You can also write messages by hand)


My design is a 3×3 photo grid — eight square-shaped photos around a center square-shaped frame, where my message is going to be.

Step 1: Cut eight pieces of card stock, the same size as the center frame. Cut the eight photos a little smaller than the card stock. I used 3mm all around on mine since the black frame was 3mm from the edge of the white card stock backing. The black and white frame came with a pack of scrapbooking materials I got from a craft store. But you can recreate this using card stock, strings, and beads.

Step 2: Glue the photos onto the card stock.

Step 3: Stick on / rub on / stamp / write your message on the center frame.

Step 4: Lay them out on the picture frame.

Quick, simple, yet extra special and made with love!

No couple-y photos for this one. I didn’t want my present to scream “I’M YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!! REMEMBER ME!!!” I *did* include myself from the reflection on the mirror in one of the photos. 😉 Sneaky sneaky!

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