If you can read this blog post, your current mobile phone is probably not your first one (unless you’re really young… I don’t really know my reader demographic. “I have readers??”). Whether you’re the type who changes phone every year or couldn’t be bothered with the latest mobile technology, chances are, you still have at least one or two old units gathering dust around the house.

If you live in Singapore and want to do a lil spring cleaning while helping the environment at the same time, come on down to the Nokia store at Vivo City and hand over your old handhelds to this guy:


Sign reads:

“In memory of your old phones

Old phones can be recycled into different things like trumpets, rollercoasters or even this park bench you’re sitting on.

Give the world a helping hand and recycle your old phones. nokia.com/recycle

… Or make your own phone statue and display around your house!