Decisions, Decisions: DIY Die

You know those times when you want to make something but you’re not sure WHAT exactly? Or when you do your spring cleaning and you suddenly realize how much raw materials you have (card stock, beads, ribbons, etc.)? And you’re like, “How the hell did I acquire so much stuff?” Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Enter the DIY die. Or craft die. Or project die. Call it whatever you want. Say goodbye to indecision and let the die choose your next masterpiece!


A small wooden block (or a big block, up to you really)

Card stock (your choice if you want different or same pattern)

Rub-on or sticker letters (depends on pattern and paper you use)



You should be able to get these blocks from a regular craft store. I got mine really cheap and they come in a bag of 12s.

Step 1: Get the measurements of the wooden block.

Step 2: Cut out square to cover each face of the die. (If the top three patterns look familiar, well, they’re actually the take out boxes from a local sushi place, Maki-san, which I blogged about a couple of weeks back. I know, I know, I’m a hoarder.)

Step 3: Stick each square on each face with craft glue one by one. Let one face completely dry first before sticking the next one.


Step 4: Add labels with rub-on or sticker letters. I used stickers on my DIY die because rub-on letters would disappear into the patterns.

Aaaaaaand that’s it. Quick and dirty decision-making wonder.

Tip: Plan your theme. It actually took me a few days to come up with six general options. 🙂 But these are mostly what I have a lot in stock — beads, fabric, paper. I also need to get back to drawing freehand and doing graphic design. “Wild card” could be anything. If you’re feeling lazy, it can mean “roll die again”. Or do something different, like glassware or metal. Be creative!

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