Anything flat, that is.

Let’s change things up a bit and make something quick and easy.


– A picture frame (obviously has to be bigger than your artwork)

– A sheet of paper / card stock, the same size as the frame. You can use the one that goes with the frame, if it has one.

– A few pages of an old book or magazine or newspaper

– Glue

– Scissors

Framed Art
This was the Adorable Boyfriend’s craft project, hence the cockroach book cover from the Kult Book Exhibit Part 2 in Singapore. Original artwork by Singaporean illustrator Kristal Melson (

Step 1: Cut strips from pages of an old book, newspaper or magazine, basically anything that just has words on its pages. Make sure you’re not using the book anymore and it’s not something off the school library!

Step 2: Glue the strips to the card stock.

Step 3: Glue your artwork at the centre of the strip-covered card stock.

Step 4: Slap into the frame… and that’s it!